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August, 2016   

AdSem's semiconductor NTC thermistors were featured in the Product Showcase section of "Cold Facts", the magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America, February, 2016, v. 32, #1, p. 44. These unique novel semiconductor thermistors are designed for cryogenic liquids level sensing and cryogenic temperature measurements. Their fast response makes them perfect for measurements in cryogenic liquids with boiling temperature from 77K down to 0.5K.

June 21-23, 2016, San Jose, CA   

AdSem, Inc. demonstrated after 13 year break from the first appearance on Sensors Expo show in 2003 its unique performance semiconductor NTC thermistors for any temperature between 1mK and 500°C and high reflective mosaic monochromators for nuclear radiation: slow neutrons, γ-rays and X-rays. All AdSems's products have no analogs or have significantly better characteristics than any existing products from other companies.

October, 2014   

AdSem's semiconductor NTC thermistors technology is featured in Frost & Sullivan "Sensor Technology Alert" issue from October 3, 2014.

May 28, 2014   

Mountain View CA, USA – AdSem, Inc. announces extension of its family of wide range Ge cryogenic thermistors for operating temperature 77K - +150°C. These are unpacked NTC thermistors with 0.25x0.25x0.7mm³ chip size with thin insulation and customized resistance value at 77K in the range of 5 KOhm -150 KOhm. The thermistors are the smallest cryogenic thermistors with the highest sensitivity in whole operating temperature range, the shortest response time and convenience to use in deep cryostats and dewars. The Ge thermistors are available immediately.

May 6, 2014   

Mountain View CA, USA – AdSem, Inc. announces new test results for another group of novel Ge slow neutron mosaic monochromators. Second round of tests was produced in April - May reactor cycle on the Triple-Axis Neutron Spectrometer BT- 4 at NIST Center for Neutron Research for another group of Ge monochromators with (111) orientation, ~70 mm diameter and ~7 mm thickness. Mosaicity and slow neutron reflectivity measurements of a new group of large diameter Ge mosaic crystals confirmed first unique February results. For slow neutrons with λ =1.52Å the reflectivity in the peak of rocking curves was in the range of 80 - 89% for crystals with mosaicity in the range of 16-28 arc minutes. The record 89% peak reflectivity value is significantly higher than peak reflectivity of any existing mosaic neutron monochromators. Besides that, reflected slow neutron beam has no second orders for some reflections, specifically, 111, because of Ge diamond lattice structure.

April 26, 2014   

AdSem, Inc. was featured in the latest issue of "Cold Facts", April, 2014, v. 30, #2, p. 69

February 11, 2014   

Mountain View CA, USA – AdSem, Inc. announces test results for novel Ge slow neutron mosaic monochromators.

Tests were conducted on the Triple-Axis Neutron Spectrometer BT-4 at NIST Center for Neutron Research. The monochromators had (111) orientation, ~70 mm diameter and were ~7 mm thick. Neutron measurements of a number of large diameter Ge mosaic crystals demonstrated a record slow neutron (λ =1.52Å) reflectivity that reached 87% in the peak of a perfect Gaussian rocking curve and crystal mosaicity in the range of 15-20 arc minutes. The record 87% peak reflectivity value is significantly higher than peak reflectivity of any large mosaic neutron monochromators, including pyrolytic graphite monochromators. It even exceeds the highest known peak reflectivity for small mosaic Germanium-Silicon (Ge1-xSix) solid solution crystals (Nucl. Instr. & Meth. v. 213 (1983), pp. 483-487); at the same time crystal mosaicity of the tested Ge monochromators is considerably larger.

May 19, 2011   

Mountain View CA, USA – AdSem, Inc. announces development of new family of semiconductor cryogenic NTC thermistors specifically designed for sensing of the level of cryogenic liquids.

These SE-1MM thermistors have fast response and are perfect for measurements in cryogenic liquids with any boiling temperature down to 4.2K, like liquid noble gases (xenon, argon, neon, helium), oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. The thermistors work in non-linear regime at high voltage, specifically, in the range of 12 V-35 V, which causes thermistor overheating and sharp resistance decrease, when the sensor is out of the liquid. They can also work in ohmic regime at low voltages as highly sensitive cryogenic thermometers for temperature ranges of 400K – 77 K, 400 K – 20 K, 400 K – 1.5 K.

New cryogenic liquid level semiconductor NTC thermistors are available immediately.

January 19, 2011   

About microscale thermal management using NTC thermistors. Comparison www.nextreme.com/media/pdf/techspecs/Nextreme_temperature_Sensing_Application_Note.pdf 

July 9, 2010   

Frost & Sullivan (http://www.frost.com ) announced that AdSem, Inc. is a recipient of the 2010 Global Technology Leadership Award in Temperature Sensors

March 15-17, 2010   

For the first time AdSem, Inc. participated in the Exhibition at the American Physical Society Meeting in Portland, Oregon

All leading cryogenic sensors manufacturing companies presented their products at this important meeting and with all due respect to our experienced and famous competitors, no one had low-, ultra-low, super-wide range and high temperature thermistors comparable with AdSem's Si and Ge NTC thermistors.

March 13, 2010   

Adsem's unique Si cryogenic NTC thermistors for low and ultra-low temperatures were featured in Winter 2010 issue (Volume 26, Number 1, page 28) of "Cold Facts" the Cryogenic Society of America magazine

August 12, 2009   

New Si cryogenic sensors from AdSem

AdSem, Inc. (http://www.adsem.com  ), a manufacturer of unique semiconductor temperature sensors for high-, low- and ultra-low temperatures (500°C - 1 mK), announces extension of its Si cryogenic NTC thermistor family. Using special doping AdSem has developed high performance Si NTC thermistors for temperature ranges of 300K - 77K, 300K - 0.3K and 4.2K - 1mK. These Si thermistors have increased thermosensitivity, decreased sensitivity to magnetic field at helium temperatures, higher thermoconductivity (this is a specially important at ultra-low temperatures T<<1K) and almost two orders of magnitude higher radiation hardness in comparison with germanium thermistors. Such thermistors are important for temperature measurements in presence of nuclear radiation, for example, in neutron "cold" sources, polarizing filters, accelerators with superconducting magnets, for measurements in space, including nuclear calorimeters/X-ray detectors (instead of thin ion-implanted Si thermistors), etc. AdSem offers these Si cryogenic thermistors with leads or as dies with surface area down to 100x100µm² and almost any thickness. The standard size Si thermistors are available immediately.

April 10, 2007   

High Quality Catheter NTC Thermistors (http://temperatures.com  )

AdSem, Inc., the owner of the unique Si and Ge NTC thermistor technology announced beginning of industrial production of the special medical NTC thermistors.

A small size of the sensitive elements (down to 0.25 x 0.25 mm² in crossection) with 2 meter long leads makes them attractive for applications where sensor needs to travel a long distance through a narrow openings to the test site in high humidity/water environment, like human body. Both Si and Ge NTC catheter thermistors, developed by AdSem, are chemically stable in water (opposite to the ceramic thermistors) and have significantly higher thermosensitivity (-5.0 %/degree for Ge and –7.3%/degree for Si at room temperature) than ceramic thermistors or any other temperature measuring devices. AdSem’s  NTC thermistors are intended for highly reliable and accurate temperature measurements inside human body with the fastest response for a small temperature change.  Si and Ge catheter thermistors are produced both for wide temperature range applications in range of  –70oC  - +80oC and also for narrow temperature range (a few degrees or even a few tenth of degree). The catheter thermistors are available immediately for temperature sensor users.  (TempSensors' article here )

December 2006   

AdSem, Inc. reached new milestone in Cryogenic Thermometry (http://temperatures.com)

AdSem, Inc. - A semiconductor thermistor manufacturer with unique high and cryogenic temperature Si and Ge NTC thermistor products announced the development of ultra-low temperature Ge thermistors with operating temperature reaching microKelvin range. The calibration of AdSem’s Ge thermistor down to 900 μK (0.9 mK) was accomplished by Professor Douglas Osheroff’s group at Stanford University.

The development of Ge thermistors as a secondary thermometer in the microKelvin range is a crucial step for a significant increase in sensitivity of the fundamental rare nuclear events experiments, such as neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter search. The thermistors are available for sale from AdSem.  (TempSensors' article here )

July 2006   

Adsem's WORLD's SMALLEST Ge NTC Thermistors in another Frost & Sullivan report "Advanced in HVAC&R Technologies".

July 3, 2006   

AdSem, Inc. extends operating temperature for its new family of super-wide Si thermistors down to 1K. Thus, AdSem offers super-wide Si thermistors with operating temperature range of 730K - 1K. ( TempSensors' article here  )

June 22, 2006   

AdSem, Inc.  announces about development of novel high sensitive  Si NTC thermistors  with unique super-wide operating temperature range of 30K - 730K.  This device has higher thermo sensitivity in operating temperature range and smaller size than platinum RTD.

May 2006   

AdSem has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan in its Sensor Technology Alert as manufacturer of the WORLD's SMALLEST GERMANIUM NTC THERMISTOR and owner of unique NTC thermistor technology.

Oct. 20 - 22, 2004   

AdSem presented Ge & Si Mosaic Monochromators for X-Rays at the Stanford SRL Users' Meeting.

September 2004   

AdSem has been recognized with the wide editorial coverage in the Sensor Business Digest as the inventor and developer of the revolutionary thermistor technology.

January 6-9, 2004   

At MD&M West'04 Show AdSem introduced new inventions and products with high temperature thermistors:

  • The smallest 150-micron Ge thermistors for Medicine.  A number of companies from Israel, Japan, and United States expressed interest in utilizing these thermistors for cardiac vascular applications.
  • Microelectronic packaged surface-mount Ge and Si thermistors.
  • Solid state fast response probes with internal Si thermistors.
  • Solid state probes with one or several surface-mount micropackaged Ge or Si thermistors for measurements of temperature distribution.
  • Flexible thermistor probes with one or several micropackaged Ge or Si thermistors for measurements of temperature distribution.
December 2003   

Sensors' Business Sense included AdSem into it's December's list of important happenings among the vendors and associations serving sensor based engineering.

October 26, 2003   

"High-Temperature NTC Thermistors from AdSem" - Editorial coverage in Sensors Express, the bi-weekly e-newsletter from Sensors magazine.

October 13, 2003   

Launch of AdSem on the recent Sensors Expo Fall was mentioned in the October 2003 Industry News

September 22-25, 2003   

AdSem introduced the first Si & Ge high temperature NTC and novel cryogenic thermistors at SensorsExpo 2003 in Anaheim, California.


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