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Slow Neutron & X-ray Mosaic Si and Ge Monochromators

We are proud to be the only company in the world that offers Ge and Si Mosaic Crystalline Monochromators for slow neutrons and X-Rays.

The Mosaic Crystalline Monochromators serve the purpose of selecting a narrow spectral range of slow neutrons and X-Rays.  They are utilized in the diffraction and spectroscopic condensed matter research and medical research.  Mosaic crystalline monochromators for slow neutrons and X-Rays increase radiation intensity in hundreds time comparing with perfect crystals.  Ge and Si Mosaic Crystalline Monochromators reflect slow neutrons and X-Rays from a number of crystallographic planes without second orders due to diamond crystal structure.

AdSem offers:

Mosaic Ge and Si Crystals with the highest slow neutron and γ-rays reflectivity (for example, up to 65% reflectivity for slow neutrons with λ = 1.6Ǻ, up to 50% for γ-rays with Eγ ~ 100 keV, and up to 20% reflectivity for Eγ ~ 300 keV). We offer Mosaic Monochromators with orientations (111), (100) and (110), mosaicity value in the range of 1-50 arc minutes, and diameter ~ 80 mm



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