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AdSem, Inc. is a privately held company established in Palo Alto, CA by a group of highly experienced professionals with outstanding achievements in Semiconductors, Radiation Physics, and Material Science.


Our mission is development and production of novel semiconductor materials, advanced semiconductor devices and unique analytical instrumentation for semiconductor, nuclear, and cryogenic industries.


  • High Temperature Si and Ge Interchangeable NTC Thermistors
  • Cryogenic Ge & Si Thermistors for Low and Ultra-Low Temperatures
  • Slow Neutron and X-ray Mosaic Si and Ge Monochromators

AdSem is the only company in the world that has developed and produce thermistors for any temperature between 1mK and 500ยบC.
Our unique semiconductor NTC thermistors measure temperature of everything and everywhere: in-vivo brain* and low- temperature radiometers**, semiconductor chips and rocket engines.

AdSem is the only company in the world that offers Ge and Si high reflective mosaic monochromators for slow neutrons, gamma - and  X-rays.
Our mosaic monochromators have neutron reflectivity higher than any other neutron monochromators ***.


AdSem has invented and developed high temperature Silicon and Germanium NTC thermistors as well as an industrial technology for their production. AdSem opens a new era in temperature sensing industry by bringing up semiconductor technology into the 70-years old market of ceramic NTC thermistors.

There are fundamental scientific reasons for new Si and Ge thermistors to be the most sensitive and highly interchangeable over working temperature range.

Their features also are:

    • Widest temperature range
    • High stability
    • Micron Form Factor
    • Fastest response
    • Reproducibility of production technology
    • Utilization of microelectronic technology & packaging techniques

New doping technology of Ge and Si, developed by AdSem, allows producing unique low-temperature thermistors with wider operating temperature than any cryogenic thermistors, higher sensitivity in any selected temperature range down to 1mK, higher interchangeability at low- and ultra - low temperature and lower price.

For Neutron and X-ray Optics we developed superior technology for production of large Ge and Si mosaic crystalline monochromators. Our monochromators provide the high reflectivity for slow neutrons, gamma-rays and/or X-rays and any mosaicity value up to 1 arc degree.

The areas of our expertise and new development are also:

  • Novel PTC & NTC semiconductor thermistors with extended working temperatures
  • High resistivity silicon
  • Radiation technology and neutron transmutation doping of semiconductors
  • Novel nuclear methods for non-destructive selection of high quality large crystals
  • Advanced semiconductor nuclear detectors
  • Methods for sophisticated thin film deposition

*     M. Baude and all.       J. of Sleep Research, v. 2, Issue. 1, pp. 3-12, Feb. 2013.
**   D. J. Livigni and all. Metrologia 49, (2012), S93-S98.
*** www.adsem.com/news.



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